Dvir oil -
Health wonder from the sources

DVIR oil is produced under a license from the Ministry of Health and is extracted from myrrh and frankincense plants.
Thanks to a scientific breakthrough that deciphered the secret method of processing the lost biblical “Mor Gilad”, DVIR oil can be obtained here.
The oil contains unique values that contribute to the health of the body and mind and has been found to be effective in relieving a wide range of symptoms.


The biblical persimmon plant is mentioned in the Bible more than 150 times, in addition to many sources around the world that indicate that its name went far and wide and was a hallmark of the aristocracy of the ancient world for over 3500 years.
With the destruction of Judah, the plant disappeared from around the world, and the secret of its preparation has been hidden, to this day.


The biblical persimmon plant grows naturally in the Ein Gedi area And is considered an endemic (unique) plant to the Land of Israel. The various parts of the plant, both biblical persimmon and frankincense, are used to produce DVIR oil. The oil does not contain engineered and industrial materials.


Persimmon oil has high cleansing and purifying abilities, which contribute to the human body. Parts of the persimmon and frankincense plant contain a wide variety of herbal compounds, including tannins, flavonoids and carotenoids, which have a beneficial effect on overall health and help and facilitate variety Symptoms.


Biblical persimmon oil produced by DVIR Provides a solution for a wide range of areas. Thousands of experimenters have reported relief from skin lesions such as psoriasis and seborrhea, improved recovery from arthritis, gingivitis and even improvement in respiratory and immune system symptoms.

דרכי נשימה

שמן DVIR, במריחה על בית החזה והצוואר, דווח על ידי נסיינים רבים כיעיל כנגד תופעות של קשיי נשימה, אלרגיה ואסתמה.
הזמינו עכשיו

דרכי נשימה

מערכת חיסונית

מערכת החיסון של גוף האדם מושפעת מנזקי הסביבה. שמן DVIR מכיל רכיבים טבעיים רבי עוצמה, המסייעים לגוף להתנקות ולהשיב אליו את החוסן שאבד עם הזמן או בעקבות מצבים בריאותיים שונים.
הזמינו עכשיו

מערכת חיסונית

הצמחים המרכיבים את השמן

האפרסמון המקראי הוא אחד מסמלי ארץ יהודה בעת העתיקה. האפרסמון או הבלזם של יהודה נחשב צמח הבושם המפורסם והיקר ביותר בעולם בתקופה הרומית־ביזנטית. עץ נשיר המתנשא לגובה של כשלושה מטרים ומדיף ריח בושמי מהשרף המצוי בכל חלקיו. אפרסמון גדל בנאות מדבר חמים… קרא עוד

Meticulous Israeli products licensed by the Ministry of Health

DVIR oil is manufactured in Israel, under a license from the Ministry of Health. From the research phase, through locating the natural growing areas, planting and growing the biblical persimmon plant to production, and production using advanced methods. The product is produced and packaged optimally in order to preserve the properties of the oil, so that you can enjoy the best oil in an efficient, convenient and safe manner.





On the uniqueness of the oil in our sources

Due to the great importance of persimmon oil both in holiness and in daily use, a unique blessing was given to it:

"The oil of the press, and the like in it, is blessed by the Creator of the evening oil."

Maimonides (Mishnah Torah, Sefer Ahavah, Halachot Brachot, Chapter 9)

Give yourself or your loved ones a wonderful gift of health from nature.

DVIR’s biblical persimmon oil contains the power and softness of nature, for daily use.

Common questions

DVIR oil is approved by the Ministry of Health and is approved for sale in Israel.
Certificates of sale of DVIR oil to Europe and the United States have been submitted for approval.

The biblical persimmon oil DVIR is a preparation for external use and should be used according to the instructions for use included in the package.

We grow the biblical persimmon plant from which we extract the oil where the ancient farmers grew it thousands of years ago. Our plantations are located in Kibbutz Ein Gedi, Kibbutz Ketura, Sde Boker College and other places.

DVIR oil is sold through this site and at selected points of sale that appear only on it and it comes in a branded bottle and in its original packaging.

Definitely yes. The oil, extracted from the biblical persimmon and frankincense, is recommended for use on the skin and is found to be very effective in relieving skin lesions, itching, cracks and inflammation.

The biblical persimmon oil DVIR is a completely natural product, and can be used daily, with no limit to the number of times it can be applied to the skin.

Over 6000 experimenters tested DVIR persimmon oil in daily use and found no side effects. If you are known to be sensitive to one of the components of the product, consult a doctor before use.

No. DVIR oil is a natural preparation, extracted from plants and does not constitute a drug or a substitute for the drug.