About the company

Dvir oil and its products are grown, produced, and manufactured by “Biblical Lands Ltd.” All production processes, from planting and growing the various orchards, to the production and packaging of the oil are performed in Israel.
The company advocates the values of going back to the ancient sources, growing in the natural and traditional habitat of the plants as well as local research on the virtues of the plants, and the use of research laboratories and advanced production technologies.

“Biblical Lands Ltd.” was founded by Dotan Bonen, Adi Lubel and Giora Shemshi, who together molded its values. The company advocates product development for Natural healing and care based on biblical plants, combining traditional plant growing methods with the use of advanced technology to produce quality and beneficial products for everyday use.

“Biblical Lands Ltd.” has an advisory team with experienced executives and researchers and a growing audience of customers who report excellent results in the use of the oil.

Who are we

We are childhood friends in our 50’s, born in Kibbutz Hazorea and Kibbutz Yagur who believe with all our hearts in the sentence from the poem by Yoram Taharlev:
“The most spectacular beauty fades with the greatest speed and what is left is what you planted and what you gave”.

Dotan Bonen

Founder, Director of Development

Adi Lubel

Founder, Director of Agriculture

Giora Shimshi

Founder, Business Manager

Dr. Elaine Solway

Director of the Center for Sustainable Agriculture


Anat Raz and Nitza Hofesh

Directors of the Ein Gedi Botanical Garden

Professor Shimon Rachmilevitch

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Institute of Agriculture and Biotechnology of Arid Areas.

Dr. Joshua Maor

Pharmacological and toxicological advice for medicinal plants and dietary supplements