Skin and pain

Our skin is the outer protective layer of our body and as such, it is important to keep it in an optimal condition as much as possible.
DVIR Persimmon oil  provides the skin with vitality and softness and enriches it with natural ingredients that come directly from the plant without artificial additives.

  • Gives skin softness and a pleasant texture
  • Enriches the skin with natural substances from the plant
  • Accelerates the natural regeneration processes of the skin
  • Enriches the skin with vitamins
  • Contains antioxidants that help maintain skin


Since ancient times, the name of the Persimmon oil has been known around the world as a key ingredient in skin care and was available only to a handful of the world’s richest, especially to kings and rulers, best known is Queen Cleopatra who liked Persimmon oil.
Daily use of Persimmon oil on the skin, contributes to creating a velvety touch, enriches it with antioxidants and moisture and protects it from environmental hazards.

  • Enriches the skin with vitamins
  • Contains antioxidants
  • Contains a complex of natural ingredients that contribute to a velvety soft feeling
  • Produces a protective layer on the skin
  • Enriches with natural moisture

Respiratory tract

Our respiratory system is affected by the quality of the air we breathe, our rhythm and lifestyle and various biotic effects such as viruses, bacteria, plant blossoms and particles in the air. Thus, the origins of breathing difficulties are many and varied. In applying DVIR oil to the chest and neck, it has been reported by many experimenters to be effective against the symptoms of difficulty breathing, allergies and asthma.

  • The oil has a pleasant scent
  • Relieves allergies
  • Helps reduce asthma symptoms

Immune system

The natural immune system of the human body is built to naturally deal with many viruses and diseases.
The modern lifestyle produces a lasting impairment in the effectiveness of the immune system and the body finds it more difficult to deal with the various threats on its own..
DVIR Persimmon oil  contains a particularly high dose of Beta Caryophyllene a natural ingredient found in the plant, which is known for its effectiveness in regenerating blood cells and generally helps to protect the body and brain from diseases..

  • Helps to regenerate white blood cells
  • Helps to protect the body and brain from diseases
  • Containing Beta Caryophyllene in a naturally high dose
  • Helps to prevent osteoporosis
  • Helps to reduce cholesterol
  • Studies have found Persimmon oil to be effective in harming cancer cells without damaging healthy cells.

User Instructions

DVIR oil is a natural oil licensed by the Ministry of Health and is used to relieve a variety of symptoms. The use of the oil is by application on the skin and not by swallowing.
The oil should be applied to the desired areas until it is absorbed into the skin.
There is no limit to the frequency of application, and it may be several times a day. As a versatile oil, which works and helps solve a number of problems, the recommended frequency of use is between once to 3 times a day.

Store the oil in a cool, shady place.
Do not mix the oil with other ingredients. The oil does not cause any side effects (allergy, irritation, redness) in case you have experienced an abnormal reaction – it is recommended to stop using it and consult a physician.

Common questions

DVIR oil is approved by the Ministry of Health and is approved for sale in Israel.
Certificates of sale of DVIR oil to Europe and the United States have been submitted for approval.

The biblical DVIR persimmon oil is a preparation for external use only and should not be swallowed and used beyond the instructions for use included in the package.

We grow the biblical persimmon plant from which we extract the oil where the ancient farmers grew it thousands of years ago. Our plantations are located in Kibbutz Ein Gedi, Kibbutz Ketura, Sde Boker College and other places.

DVIR oil is sold through this site only and it comes in a branded bottle and in its original packaging.

Definitely yes. The oil, extracted from the biblical persimmon and frankincense, is recommended for use on the skin and is found to be very effective in relieving skin lesions, itching, cracks and inflammation.

The biblical persimmon oil DVIR is a completely natural product, and can be used daily, with no limit to the number of times it can be applied to the skin.

Over 6000 experimenters tested DVIR persimmon oil in daily use and found no side effects. If you are known to be sensitive to one of the components of the product, consult a doctor before use.

No. DVIR oil is a natural preparation, extracted from plants and does not constitute a drug or a substitute for the drug.